Do Spring Sense products contain any chemicals or nasties?

No, and they never will. Everything you use on yourself and your child matter. Your child's immune system is still developing, and those harmful chemicals might affect their development. It is definitely the last thing we want coming in contact with your young child.

What are the ingredients you use in your patches?

Our products only use natural plant-based essential oils extracted using steam distillation or cold-pressed method.

How is your stick-on patch the perfect alternative to other products?

Less can often be more with children and this is especially true when they are still so young. When using products that have to be applied on skin, there is a likelihood that certain chemicals and fragrances found in generic products irritate their skin and enter the bloodstream through your child's skin.

Spring Sense’s specially formulated blend of plant-based oils are packed with only naturally occurring ingredients, which make them pleasant but powerful scents for better health and wellness.

Together with our antimicrobial technology and specially blended formula, we also skipped on artificial fragrances allowing the combination of science and nature to do what they do best!

What is your differentiator compared to other brands?

Firstly, our formulas are researched, developed and tested by experts in the field (Researchers from the Department of Entomology, Chemists and Aromatherapists) in the lab environment. Then they are tested by people (in our case, parents) in the real world before we launch them in the market.

Unfortunately, some products in the market are mass-produced by OEM factories which use similar formulas for different brands.

What is antimicrobial technology?

It’s a technology we developed in-house to inhibit bacterial growth on the patch & entrap the active ingredients of the essential oils so that it delivers long-lasting effectiveness.

Who develops Spring Sense products?

We do! From sourcing raw materials and ingredients to production, we are involved to ensure highest standards are achieved. We always believe that as founders we have to create products that we can even offer to our loved ones before others.

Can your products be used for adults?

Certainly! However, we recommend adults to use more than 1 patch for our mosquito repellent patch since they have a larger body surface area.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. We love animals and would never test anything on them. We test the products on ourselves and willing humans. We also patch test each and every product.

What is the shelf life of your products?

3 years

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