Our story

We created Spring Sense because you shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.

Anson, Dennis & Levin, Founder

Our Story

Most of the time, we were never bothered by mosquito bites because we all grew up and lived with them. But after becoming parents, these bites became a problem – especially when our child is the one suffering. As parents, we tried many mosquito repellent products in the market, but we couldn’t find one brand to trust for all our everyday needs. That’s when we realized we had to create it.

Who We Are

We’re a wellness brand empowering families to live a healthy, happy life. Our brand was founded with the most honest of intentions. When we couldn’t find one brand to trust for all our everyday needs, we had to create it. We knew there were parents like us out there looking for safe products, simple solutions and clear information about their choices, just like we were. If you want trusted, effective products that work for you and your family, we’re here for you.

What We Believe

As founders, we have high standards. But as parents, our standards are even higher. That’s why we hold ourselves to the strictest standards and transparency. Our products are created to solve the problems of our customers and developed to perfection because we know them intimately. We can even offer our products to our loved ones.

We also believe that all children should be treated equally, no matter who they are, where they live, what language they speak, and if they are rich or poor. We want to share great products with all of them - promoting a healthy, happy life - at an affordable price.

Spring Sense Give Away Over 5000 Boxes of Mosquito Patches To Children in Asia

Phnom Phen ,Cambodia

in Sayaboury, Laos

Saigon, Vietnam

Bangkok, Thailand

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